In 1980 Powercell began as an importer, distributor and agent for primary, secondary and specialist batteries for GP batteries into niche markets. Over 35 years, we have built strategic alliances with a number of suppliers, allowing expansion of our offering into a wide range of OEM, industrial and consumer markets, in Australia and overseas, from medical, mining, defence and communications to general household applications.


As technology has changed and devices become more portable, Powercell has kept pace and expanded our range to meet the demands of our customers. Powercell’s extensive range of primary and secondary (rechargeable batteries) for general and specialist applications includes alkaline, lithium (primary and rechargeable), silver oxide, nickel metal hydride and nicad and zinc air. Powercell also carry battery related products, such as battery chargers and LED torches.


In response to the continual growth and technological changes in the market, Powercell continues to upgrade our not only our products, but our services as well, to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of what our customers need.

  • Battery design and assembly services
  • Battery Testing and Back up support
  • National and International Distribution and Logistics and category management
  • Battery consultancy
  • Private Label design and delivery
  • Product and Part Sourcing
  • Recycling of NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion batteries and battery packs


Quality, service and customer satisfaction are at the core of our business and remain our number one priority. We strive to establish long term, mutually rewarding relationships throughout our supply-chain. Our work is done with our customers in mind, and at all times we strive for excellence in quality, service, competitiveness and reliability in the market.