Button / Coin Battery Safety

In December 2020, the Australian Government legislated mandatory safety and information standards for button/coin batteries and consumer goods that contain button/coin batteries (the Standards).

Following a transition period, these standards will become mandatory in June 2022.

These new standards require that certain button / coin batteries are packaged in compliant child-proof packaging and that all button /coin batteries carry the information stipulated in the standard. 

In addition, suppliers and retailers will need to be able demonstrate that the packaging has been tested and certified as compliant with the required standard.

Penalties will apply where suppliers or retailers fail to comply with the requirements of the standards.

FAQ’s - General

What date do these standards become mandatory? 

22- June-2022

Which button / coin batteries do these standards apply to?

The standards define button/coin batteries as any battery where battery diameter is greater than battery height.

Which button / coin batteries require compliant child-proof packaging?

ALL lithium button / coin batteries where diameter is greater than height require compliant child proof packaging. For button/coin batteries of other chemistries, compliant child proof packaging is required where battery diameter is 16mm or greater.

Child-proof packaging exemptions:

Button/coin batteries are exempt from child proof packaging requirements where:

  • Button/coin batteries are of zinc air chemistry and intended for use in hearing aids
  • Button/coin batteries are supplied in bulk for use in trades, professions and industries and these batteries will not intended for supply direct to the general public (eg where a watchmaker buys a battery that they install into a watch on behalf of a consumer) 

Which batteries require warning information and what warning information is required?

All batteries of all chemistries, where diameter exceeds height, will require warning information.

Packaging Warnings:

The warnings required include the following front of pack warnings (at a minimum):

  • An alert word (warning, danger, etc) and recognised alert symbol
  • A recognised “keep out of reach of children” symbol
  • A statement that the battery is hazardous and is to be kept away from children


In addition, the back of the packaging requires the following information (if it is not included on the front):

  • A statement that the battery can cause severe / fatal injuries in 2 hours or less (for lithium batteries)
  • A statement that the battery can cause serious injuries if swallowed (non-lithium batteries)
  • Advise that medical attention should be sought immediately

Battery Warnings:

Lithium button/coin batteries with a diameter of 20mm or more must be indelibly marked with a recognised “keep out of reach of children symbol”. The symbol should be at least 6mm in diameter.

FAQs – Powercell products

Will products supplied by Powercell comply with all the requirements of the standard?

Powercell has been working with GP since early 2021 to ensure that our lithium button/coin battery packaging is compliant and carries all required warning information. All major lithium coin cell models will be available from Powercell in compliant child proof packaging with required warning information prior to 22-June-2022.

There will be some low volume models that will not be available in child proof packaging and will be only made available to customers that are able to provide written confirmation that batteries ordered will be used for exempt purposes. These products will be supplied as “Not for Retail Sale” items.

Powercell will be applying required warning labels to non-lithium button /coin batteries, to provide all required information. 

Is there information to demonstrate that the product supplied by Powercell is compliant?

Yes – test reports that demonstrate compliance are available on Powercell’s website, for each of the models subject to this requirement.

Will Powercell accept returns of non-compliant product before or after the start date? 

Powercell will begin sending out lithium button / coin batteries in complaint packaging up to 6 weeks prior to the changeover date (for selected models) and will not be accepting return of non-compliant product. We recommend that customers carefully manage their stock levels to ensure that holdings of non-compliant stock are minimised or exhausted prior to 22 June 2022.

If you require assistance with management of this stock, please contact your Powercell representative.

What are the penalties for not complying?

For corporations, the maximum penalty for breaches will be a minimum of $10,000,000.

For individuals, the maximum penalty will be $500,000

Further Information

Powercell strongly recommends that customers seek further information that may answer questions specific to their business.  The ACCC provides information that can be accessed via the following links: