Plusrite 25W Portable solar work/ camp light 3450Lm

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Product Specifications
Perfect for camping or the work site , this lightweight and durable portable solar light is a must have travel accessory. The light features three seperate LED pannels that can be used individually in a number of different configurations with multiple light settings and adjustable brightness options or all together as a single module. There are three convenient charging options, 240V, 12V and Solar. The uint is supplied with an adjustable tripod that allows the light to be set between 1 and 2 meters high and all this is packaged in a durable PVC carry case.
3450Lm (1150Lm per light)
3 different dimming levels 30% , 60% 100%. 5 different lighting modes. Has Powerbank functionality .
Working Time
5 - 12 hrs single light.
Battery System
Li-ion rechargeable battery 15amp in total , 5amp per light.
Product Type